The Stained-Glass of Notre-Dame de Paris


One of the most well-known features of Notre-Dame de Paris are her expansive stained-glass windows, including the three magnificent rose windows. The Art of Stained Glass The artistry of stained glass quickly gained prominence in the 12th century. These large, colorful windows became a staple in Gothic architecture, bathing many newly constructed cathedrals in the […]

Notre-Dame Cathedral’s Interior Renovations

IMG 5807 1920

In early December, France’s National Heritage and Architecture Commission assessed proposed plans to decide how Notre-Dame de Paris’ interior will be renovated. In addition to the structural and external damage cause by the fire in 2019, the interior of the cathedral suffered water, smoke and lead dust damage to the seating, interior lighting, lectern, and […]

The Bells of Notre-Dame de Paris

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One of the most famous features of Notre-Dame de Paris is her bells. They faithfully mark the hours and ring out to commemorate significant occasions. How much do you know about Notre-Dame Cathedral’s bells? Notre-Dame Cathedral has 10 bells, of which, the “bourdon” dates back to the 15th century. The bourdon is the heaviest bell […]

Notre-Dame de Paris Rebuilding Updates: January & February 2021


Since the new year, work on Notre-Dame de Paris is steadily progressing as we continue securing the structure of Notre-Dame Cathedral. We anticipate this work will be finished in summer 2021. Now that the scaffolding has been removed, the cathedral will be placed under a temporary umbrella-like structure above the crossing of the transept, nave, and choir to protect its interior from water damage. Installing this protective structure was finished in February.

Notre-Dame Cathedral’s Choir Statues

statues post fire

If you’ve ever visited Notre-Dame Cathedral, you must have noticed the many statues that adorn its interior. Looking specifically at the choir – the area of the cathedral designed to accommodate the liturgical singers between the nave and the altar – the statues represent many things; some commemorate saints, depict biblical events or pay homage to French monarchs. But none are as prominent as the statues that surround the high altar in the apse at the end of the choir. 

Notre Dame Scaffolding Removal is Complete

Notre Dame de Paris Specially trained rope access technicians rappelled into the structure

The dismantling of the damaged scaffolding on Notre-Dame de Paris is officially complete since November 24! This essential operation was a key milestone of the Safety Phase, which will ensure Notre-Dame Cathedral’s structural integrity and security.

Notre-Dame de Paris: Restoration Work on the Grand Organ Begins Today!

This is a picture of Notre-Dame de Paris - Notre-Dame Cathedral's grand organ

New Life for Notre-Dame Cathedral’s Grand Organ Today is a historic day for the cathedral’s Grand Organ: it is the first day of its journey to restoration. During the fire in April 2019, miraculously, the Grand Organ was largely unharmed by the blaze itself and received very little water damage. However, the real threat to […]

June 2020 Updates: Notre-Dame Reconstruction Resumes

Workers fixing Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Reconstruction Resumes Notre-Dame reconstruction work ceased in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, with the decline of the virus and the gradual reopening of Paris, France and Europe in general, work is slowly starting up again on Notre-Dame Cathedral. After a three-month hiatus, Notre-Dame reconstruction work resumed June 8. This renewed phase of […]

Notre-Dame Cathedral Statues Removed for Restoration

Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is the official 501(c)(3) charity leading the international fundraising efforts to rebuild and restore Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Statues were safely and successfully removed from the cathedral’s spire! April 11, 2019 marked a big occasion: the huge Notre-Dame Cathedral statues that adorn the spire were removed. The statues consist of a copper sheathing attached to an internal iron structure. These materials and techniques were chosen for their greater lightness and ease […]

Notre Dame Cathedral Restoration Gets Underway

This picture shows Notre-Dame's spire before the fire. In 2019 the spire burnt and collapsed during the fire.

Laying the Foundation for the Renovation Works Notre Dame Cathedral restoration gets underway. Crews of expert workers are currently putting in place 500 tons of scaffolding, including 50,000 tubes that will completely encircle the spire. To support the weight of the scaffolding as it envelops the spire, the tubes at the base will actually run […]

Save Notre Dame de Paris

Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is the official 501(c)(3) charity leading the international fundraising efforts to rebuild and restore Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Notre-Dame de Paris needs our help. Help us save Notre Dame de Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral has stood for over 800 years, and while the recently restored western façade is magnificent, the rest of the building is in dire need of repair. The cathedral has been slowly deteriorating for generations, facing challenges like pollution, rain and […]