Generous Gift Brings Notre-Dame’s Baptismal Font and Choir Organ Back to Life

Notre-Dame Cathedral’s baptismal font will be brought back to life thanks to the generosity of Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris donor Edouard Eisele, in honor of his beloved late wife, Christiane Lentsch.

Mr. Eisele’s transformational contribution makes possible the restoration of Notre-Dame’s baptismal font and choir organ. Through this gift, Eisele celebrates the deep connection he and his wife shared with Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Christiane Lentsch
Christiane Lentsch

Christiane was born in the late 1930s and soon after moved with her family to Paris. Like all Parisians, Christiane endured the occupation during World War II. For many years, Christiane prayed with her family at Notre-Dame Cathedral, which represented for her the quintessential religious edifice in all of France.

Music was also a very important component of Christiane’s life, and it was one of the initial common denominators that drew her and her American husband-to-be together. When Edouard learned that funds were still needed to restore the magnificent choir organ inside Notre-Dame Cathedral, his decision to help was very simple and so meaningful as he knows Christiane would be emotionally moved to know of her connection to one of the most important sources of music within the Cathedral.

The decision to fund the new baptismal font, which will be designed by Guillaume Bardet, is also engrained deeply in the couple’s personal life. Several years prior to the fire on April 15, 2019, Christiane and Edouard were attending an educational event in Jordan and they had an electrifying experience when an Orthodox priest re-baptized them in the Jordan river. 

Being able to fund this key liturgical furniture piece gives Edouard the feeling to pursue this life-long relationship with Notre-Dame Cathedral knowing that Christiane would be thrilled to know that – in her name – she can be a part of the restoration of this very sacred edifice that was so important to her.

View of Guillaume Bardets liturgical furnishings from the entrance ® Guillaume Bardet
View of Guillaume Bardet’s liturgical furnishings from the entrance ® Guillaume Bardet

Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is immensely grateful to Edouard for this generous gift that honors the memory of Christiane and that will enable music to resonate and baptisms to be celebrated once again in Notre-Dame Cathedral for the generations to come. 


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