Virtual Tour

The virtual tour allows you to conduct your own visit to the spaces of Notre-Dame Cathedral, studying the sculpture of the portals, entering, and moving through interior spaces.  You may also climb up into the galleries, and move around the exterior upper parts in order to comprehend the role of the extraordinary flying buttresses.

The Media Center for Art History of Columbia University began to use panoramic photography in the 1990s in order to create a virtual visit to Amiens Cathedral as well as a large database of historic architecture, which is today still accessible through the Center’s main database.

The photography at Notre-Dame de Paris was conducted under the Mapping Gothic project funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation (2008-11) under the direction of Stephen Murray and Andrew Tallon. The Media Center at Columbia University created the 360-degree images and the panorama tour offering this virtual visit of the cathedral.

When conducting your virtual tour, you may go full screen and zoom in order to study details. You may follow the directional arrows or click on the plan in order to move to new places. 


can help us rebuild one of the world’s greatest monuments