The Rebirth of Notre Dame: Roof Structure Restoration Milestones

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The Choir Frame: A Symbol of Completion

As 2023 drew to a close with the completion of the spire’s roof structure, the dawn of 2024 brought with it several significant milestones for the cathedral’s roof structures. On January 12th, a momentous occasion took place at the Ateliers Perrault in Maine-et-Loire. The youngest carpenter in the team placed a bouquet atop the choir frame of Notre-Dame Cathedral, symbolizing the completion of this crucial part of the restoration. This tradition, deeply rooted in carpentry heritage, marked the culmination of over a year’s work involving a dedicated team of forestry experts, pruners, lumberjacks, architects, engineers, carvers, squarers, and carpenters.

The youngest carpenter at Ateliers Perrault in Maine-et-Loire places a bouquet atop the completed choir frame of Notre-Dame Cathedral, symbolizing a significant milestone in the restoration. This moment, rooted in carpentry tradition, marks the culmination of over a year’s work by a dedicated team, honoring their craftsmanship and the heritage of this iconic structure.

The choir frame’s completion is a testament to the meticulous effort to recreate the medieval design of this exceptionally large structure. Measuring 32 meters in length, 14 meters in width, and 10 meters in height, the choir frame’s reconstruction required not only technical expertise but also a deep respect for historical accuracy.

The Nave’s Roof Structure: A Testament to Medieval Craftsmanship

Following the completion of the choir frame, the restoration team turned their attention to the nave‘s roof structure. On March 8th, another significant milestone was reached as the final trusses were installed, and the symbolic bouquet was laid atop the nave. Faithful to the medieval design, the nave comprises 57 main and secondary trusses, each carefully crafted to match the original specifications.

The reconstruction of the nave’s roof is a remarkable achievement, showcasing the team’s dedication to preserving the cathedral’s historical integrity. It is a testament to the skill and artistry of the craftsmen who have worked tirelessly to bring this iconic structure back to its former glory.

The Forest: A Reconstructed Masterpiece

The entire structure, affectionately known as “the forest” due to its dense network of wooden trusses, has now been completely rebuilt above the vaults of Notre Dame. This marks the end of the carpenters’ work on restoring the cathedral’s great roof, a significant chapter in the broader restoration narrative.

The forest’s reconstruction is not just a technical feat; it is a symbol of rebirth. It represents the collective effort of countless individuals who have contributed their skills, knowledge, and passion to the restoration of one of the world’s most beloved architectural treasures.

A New Chapter for Notre Dame

With the completion of the forest, Notre Dame’s restoration enters a new phase. The focus will now shift to other aspects of the cathedral’s revival, including the restoration of its intricate stained glass windows, the repair of its stone masonry, and the eventual reopening to the public.

The journey of Notre Dame’s restoration is a long and complex one, but each milestone reached is a step closer to the day when the cathedral will once again stand as a beacon of hope, faith, and beauty in the heart of Paris.

As the cathedral continues to rise from the ashes, each milestone reached is a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of Notre Dame.

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The restoration crew of Notre-Dame Cathedral waves at the camera from afar, standing proudly by the completed frame of the choir with a bouquet placed atop. This image captures the team’s camaraderie and the joyous moment of reaching a significant milestone in the cathedral’s restoration journey.
The team behind the restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s choir frame celebrates their achievement, waving at the camera with the completed structure and its symbolic bouquet in the background. This moment reflects the collective effort and dedication that has brought this historic project to fruition.

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