The Passing of General Georgelin

Jean-Louis Georgelin, the general placed in charge of overseeing Notre-Dame Cathedral’s rebuilding efforts as head of the Établissement Public, has died unexpectedly in an accident. 

Philippe Jost, Managing Director of the Établissement Public, who will stand in for General Georgelin at the head of the EP, issued the following statement. 

“It is with infinite sadness that we learned of the accidental death of Army General Jean-Louis Georgelin, special representative of the President of the Republic and president of the Établissement Public.

The entire staff of the Établissement Public, upset by this loss, joins in the pain of his family and loved ones. The general combined an unconditional love of France, an exceptional personal ethic, an incomparable energy, an attention to people who had won him the affection of everyone within the Établissement Public.

The resolute pursuit of the restoration of the cathedral, to ensure its reopening for worship and visitation in 2024 which was so dear to the general, is the best tribute that all of us, with all our partners, with the architects, the workers and craftsmen, may return to his memory. In this pain, we are tackling it with a stronger determination than ever.”

Statement of Michel Picaud, President of Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris:

“We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of General Georgelin. We lost a dear friend. On behalf of our Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris community, we extend our most sincere condolences to General Georgelin’s family and loved ones.

General Georgelin’s love of France and his dedication to the rebuilding efforts were truly inspiring. We honor his memory as we continue supporting the work that he began, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to rebuild, restore and preserve Notre-Dame Cathedral.”


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