Notre-Dame – The Pieces of a Puzzle

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Table of Contents

The Pieces of a Puzzle Campaign

To commemorate the second anniversary of the fire that devastated Notre-Dame de Paris, Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris launched a new campaign that allows individuals to explore the cathedral’s lesser-known treasures in a new way. Notre-Dame – The Pieces of a Puzzle is an interactive web gallery where visitors can click through the various pieces that make up the puzzle of the cathedral and learn more about their history.

Over the last two years, we have taken great care to ensure that the building’s structure is safe – but there is so much more to the cathedral than meets the eye! Notre-Dame de Paris is the culmination of hundreds of years of artistry and history across all mediums, from paintings to sculpture to metalwork. The purpose behind this web gallery is to showcase these unique pieces in a more interactive way while raising funds for their restoration. 

Each photo in the gallery includes a brief description of the historical significance, particularly as it relates to the cathedral, and a thermometer that shows the progress on the piece’s funding. Some of the more notable items in the gallery include the Virgin of the Pillar, the grotesques located on the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris, the large Mays paintings that hung in the cathedral, and the reliquary of St. Genevieve. Of course, there are man

y others presented, just waiting to be discovered. 

I encourage you to explore each piece that makes up the puzzle of Notre-Dame de Paris Every piece tells a story, and you can help us complete the puzzle!

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